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Accountants and other advisors who are looking for a reliable, affordable and professional service for their clients considering bankruptcy have been referring to us for years.

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Bankruptcy in a nutshell

* The majority of debts are totally wiped. They will not have to be paid.

* Bankruptcy normally is only 3 years.

* Credit Score is affected for 5 years.

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Superior Service

We have an AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority) licensed RDAA on staff which also means your dealings with us are covered by AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority). You are dealing with a licensed and trusted firm.

Fast, easy & affordable

Whether your client needs a fast service, an easy to use service or an affordable service, we will provide it.

All paperwork done

Don’t worry about the process or paperwork. Everything is done for your client. All you have to do is let us look after it.

Flexible Consult Times

We can do all consulting and work of an evening or weekend. We work to your clients needs.

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