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FACT NUMBER 1. Tax debts will be covered by bankruptcy.

FACT NUMBER 2. Just because someone is Bankrupt it doesn’t mean they can’t be in business for themself. The rules are clear, they can trade under an ABN number. They can not be a Director of a Company. If the business is a registered company (Pty Ltd) advice needs to be obtained

We have assisted many company directors avoid thousands and some times tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees when they need to go bankrupt. Let our experience benefit your situation.

If the business is not making money and has got into a pile of debt, unless you have another option to earn big dollars, going bankrupt will give a fresh start.

We can assist to cease the business including release from any lease that may exist. You can go bankrupt if there are outstanding tax returns due. Don’t believe the old fallacy that tax returns must be up to date and that the person must be unemployed.

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