There is no need to pay $2,000 or $3,000 or more to get qualified advice and assistance.

These are the fee’s that cover most standard situations. If the situation
is more complicated we will quote a guaranteed fixed fee.

REMEMBER- Our Principle is an AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority) licensed RDAA. We are also a member of AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority). You have the safety and guarantee of dealing with a legitimate firm.

AFSA do not charge any fee to process and accept your bankruptcy application.

INITIAL CHAT: $FREE – We will briefly cover the situation and let you know how it works and what the client can expect.


STANDARD FEE $799.00 covers most people except:
Where there are more than 12 unsecured debts or where there are more than one house sale in the last 5 years.

Director/Self Employed FEE $949.00 when

There are 15 creditors or less.
No more than 1 House sale in last 5 years.
No more than 1 business’s/directorships.

The above fee’s include complete advice for the situation. They include the completion of all paperwork/online work. They include the filing of the Statement of Affairs. They include 1 hour of post bankruptcy advice or assistance with dealing with AFSA and/or the Trustee.

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